About Us

Experience The ADC Hotel and Live Life in Vibrant Colors…

The ADC Hotel is a family run hotel and after years of hard work in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the owners decided to return to the Philippines to fulfill their father’s dream of building and operating his own hotel. But more than just a business, their father wanted his hotel to add color to the world – “green” for the environment and all other vibrant hues which symbolize his gratitude to PNG, a colorful place that gave him and his family the good life that they are enjoying now. The same good life that he wants to share with you, our valued guests!

As children, we all had an unknown longing for colorful adventures that lead to our most cherished moments. The same is true with The ADC Hotel. Despite being new comers in the hospitality industry, we are determined to create a lasting impression – not merely by providing comfort and luxury but by giving our valued guests the chance to taste a bit of PNG through the imported specialty served coffee and to also participate in the global drive to protect the environment. Hence, creating a unique and valuable experience while staying in our hotel.

The ADC Hotel cordially invites you to take this journey with us and together let us live and celebrate life in vibrant colors.

Welcome and have an enjoyable stay!

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